Why do many purchased birds die? Why often during the most important periods (moulting period or towards the breeding)?

It is always the same often just before breeding a few females fall over or during the moulting period one after the other dies. This of course has a cause and it is actually very simple. The bird does not have all the nutrients in our food (seed or egg food) that he / she finds in nature. They become deficient in a vitamin or mineral etc .... their immune system is weakened as a result. And thus more susceptible to diseases, bacteria, fungi.

As a result, we often turn to resources such as baycox because the bird, for example, has coccidiosis problems. Baycox certainly kills the coccidiosis but at the same time keeps the bird's immune system weak. You keep having to give the bird medication every time for the slightest problem. The bird is no longer able to fight this itself. Most of them therefore cure twice a month against coccidiosis, for example. The bird will not have coccidiosis because of this, but will become weaker and weaker.

For example, if during the preparation of the breeding the light hours exceed 12 hours, a lot will change in the bird. A weak bird is therefore sensitive again if the immune system is not 100%. This often results in dies or poor breeding and poorly fertilized eggs or no fertilized eggs at all. Black dot in the baby's and so on.

Healthy birds with a good immune system will have no problems. And that is why it is so important to give herbs to our birds to supplement all deficiencies on a natural basis and thus give them a strong immune system so that our birds can arm themselves against the diseases and bacteria and fungi.